Behind the Brand ep. 2: The Poke House - Fort Lauderdale, FL

We have all heard the common phrase "You are what you eat", however when tested this phrase soon becomes a physical reality for most of us. Our bodies really are our temple. When we eat better, we feel better, we have more energy, we feel more alive. We take the time to learn these things before we put it in our stomachs. It is no coincidence that people these days spend hours before our daily lunch break contemplating the freshest options to eat along with questions such as:

- Are they organic?

- They don't use GMO products right?

- Do they REALLY use free-range chickens and wild caught fish?

In this fast paced world we have grown accustomed to wanting the freshest foods with the fastest delivery time, it is the new standard for popular restaurants, especially among millennials. Fast casual restaurants, such as Spring Chicken, Chipotle, and BurgerFi are the go to options nowadays for a fast, largely eco-friendly food option. So much so that fast-casual dining was the strongest growing segment across the industry at 10.4%, increasing USD $3.4 billion from 2014 to 2015. (

"The formula is easy, when you pair organic fresh food with a fast casual concept, the product sells itself."

In this week's Behind the Brand, we introduce a really awesome Poke restaurant I happened to come across on my way to Fort Lauderdale Beach recently. After checking out the place, falling in instant love, I researched and learned that Co-Founder Memphis Garret calls this a "New take on Poke", The Poke House. 

Poke, commonly known as a traditional Hawaiian marinated seafood bowl, is already an established staple on the West Coast of the United States and I am so thankful that this has finally made it's way to South Florida because dam it is beyond tasting great and good for your health!

Most importantly though, The Poke House was named one of Miami's best new restaurants of 2016 by Thrillist, but when I saw this it was honestly no shock to me.

The Poke House stands out among competing fast casual restaurants in the local area because of three main power points or what we call at SuperWave Digital "An overall awesome product market fit".

After a close audit and analysis of The Poke House's brand and marketing strategies we believe their recent success is because of these 3 main points:

1. Fresh, healthy food products with trained chefs who know exactly where the fish comes from. People trust a legit position especially if the brand stands fully behind it and can back it up with proof.

2. Branding that stays consistent with the company purpose, all of the marketing materials as well as inside the restaurant pay tribute to Hawaiian culture, surfing, minimalism, and a casual/cool vibe. Consistency leads to developing further trust and identity within a special niche market. Enough that people will wear The Poke House on their sleeves, talking about it and sharing this with their tribe (people that have similar interest and can relate).

3. A unique brand story. Briefly, Co-Founder Memphis Garret fell in love with poke after eating the delicious food at several road-side stops in Maui on his way to the beach. Garret recalls "This particular poke, like most classic variations, was straightforward: fat cubes of fresh-cut tuna marinated in a thin soy-based sauces, tossed with chopped garlic, and scooped by the half-pound or pound into a no-frills plastic container". From this point forward Garret knew he missed the dish so much when returning to Florida that he just had to have the authentic dish here in South Florida.

The Poke House serves the right product to a market who demands freshness and convenience. Their brand story and marketing materials tell a story of freshness, quality, and paying tribute to a culture with deep roots in nature and the environment, staying true to this shows a high level of authenticity within a niche that "gets it". When these items collide, success is an automatic result, keep it real, provide a quality product and the rest will follow.

For more information read a quality review of The Poke House by Nicole Danna of the Broward/Palm Beach New Times.

Follow Poke House on Facebook and try not to let your mouth water too much after checking out their Instagram here. Next time you are anywhere near Fort Lauderdale Beach, please take a stop, you are doing yourself a favor. 

Disclaimer: The Poke House is not our client, we just really like what they are doing and wanted to give our 2 cents on their awesomeness as it relates to marketing.

Jordan Santos